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Video Notice: If you see just a black screen when trying to view Live Traffic cameras, please click inside the window to get video to play. An update to certain browsers is not allowing the video to auto-play when the window opens. 

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Traffic incidents, weather road closures, active construction and maintenance closures information.

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Traffic Alerts

There are no Traffic Alerts reported at this time

Traffic Incidents

There are no Traffic Incidents reported at this time

Weather Events

There are no Weather Related Incidents reported at this time

Road Closures

There are no Road Closures reported at this time

Other Traffic Events

There are no Other Traffic Incidents reported at this time

Open Lane
Travel Lane Open
Reversed Lane
Lane Reversed
Closed Lane
Lane/Shoulder Blocked
Open Shoulder
Shoulder Open
Center Turn Lane
Center Turn Lane
Merge Lane
Merge Lane Open
Bidirectional Lane
Bidirectional Lane Open
Ramp Open
Ramp Open
Lane Condition Unknown
Lane Condition Unknown